Sunday – Alternate Intro

This is an alternate beginning to the song Sunday. It includes an electric piano intro, which I decided not to use, after much consideration.

The reason I chose not to use it is because I felt the Cajon needed to be established, early in the song, as an important element of the song.

I don’t know if that is a legitimate reason but often, as a Producer, choices need to be made regarding content, effects, and mixing in general. I think it’s fair to say that right, wrong, or indifferent, many of these decisions really amounts to preference, though with experience, these decisions tend to benefit the song or the project.

So, that said, I just figured it’s important enough to mention, as almost every song contains multiple decisions, which characterize the song or project hopefully for the best. It also amounts to interesting trivia, when, years later, you listen to the out-takes that didn’t make the cut!

Electric Piano – Intro
Cajon only

I’d be interested to know your opinion. Please comment below…

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