“It’s about the music…..”

Whether you are a musician, producer, or just someone who enjoys music, Mad Musicians for Hire is all about the music.  Well, sometimes we may drift into areas unrelated to the industry, but heck…. we’re human and sometimes things are just too hot or interesting to let slide…

Mad Musicians for Hire is committed to providing interesting news and entertainment to those who like to stay informed and may be too busy to browse to the many sites that provide this sort of content.  Whether it is a review on a new effect unit, a noteworthy video of an artist performing, or perhaps an announcement of an upcoming concert, it is posted with the intent of keeping you informed and entertained.

Being an internet site, it must be said that though MMFH is committed to providing truthful and accurate information, unfortunately, there may be instances where erroneous information is posted on other sites that may inadvertently find its way onto the MMFH blog.  MMFH tries to ensure all information posted is accurate.  Maintaining the blog requires a lot of time and it is possible that mistakes can happen.  MMFH realizes this as being a World Wide Web issue and tries to restrict posting content from all but the most reputable sites on-line.  Along the same line of thinking, content posted on MMFH is scanned with updated anti-virus software to minimize the threat of virus or spyware infected content.  MMFH respects copyrighted material and will not post content found on other sites that isn’t already available for sharing or that explicitly prohibits content from being posted.  Please contact the SYSOP if you have any information regarding posted content, which conflicts with this objective.

Occasionally, MMFH may post a review of equipment, bands, or recorded media.  These are opinions of MMFH staff and intended primarily to keep users informed.  They are not intended to misrepresent or harm anybody.  At this time, MMFH feels that there are many other websites that provide negative information to anyone looking for it and it is with intent that only generally positive opinions will be posted.  Principals who think any post is misrepresentative or is otherwise offensive, should leave a message for the SYSOP and the content will be removed.  Likewise, for any corrections you may feel is important.

All that being said, I hope you will find Mad Musicians for Hire a good place to visit and return frequently.


New to the Blog is “The Schitt List.”

What in the ???? you may ask…  The reason I invented this particular heading is because ever since the advent of the Internet, a particular reoccurrence  has appeared on just about every site you run across and that is the ability to rate or review a particular item you purchased, or service you utilized, or maybe just an experience you might have encountered while browsing the .net.  In addition, a regular occurrence is the Survey or Request for Feedback one often encounters when transcending from page to page.  The Internet is sometimes synonymous with the term, Information Highway.  That is a pretty accurate description, since just about any possible topic you can conceive can be explored via massive search engines.

Over the years, the term Mis-information Highway, would also be accurate terminology.  Like many other good intentions, there are always people who will take advantage of how things work and use that knowledge for their own personal gain.

The thing about databases, is that once a record has been created and stored, they pretty much stay there indefinitely, unless deleted by whoever is maintaining the database.  I have found that too often, this is either being done by the site SYSOP of whatever item or service is the target of the review or comment.  Sometimes such reviews and comments are left on one of several sites that specialize in leaving feedbacks or ratings or tweets or whatever term you want to use for the forum to convey this information.

An example of this might be where someone writes a review about a product (The review may be real or fictitious) but regardless of whether it is positive or negative, there may be 5 times as many misinforming comments posted that mitigate what the original content was meant to inform thereby making the legitimate rating or review a cornerstone for which a preponderance of misinformation can be attached.  If you look at any streaming news article you will see pages and pages of comments on a topic that may be 1 paragraph long.  My personal opinion is that 8 out of 10 of these comments are rubbish, that detract from whatever the original poster was trying to convey.  That may be fine and dandy but that would depend on whoever is maintaining the blog and what is being discarded and what is being allowed to remain.

So the Schitt List will be my place to post these deceitful places and businesses that will not be editable or removed until I personally remove it.  If someone would like to send me a private message and object, interject, or apologize, well then that would be a good place to begin to reconcile any differences of opinions but the list will not change if no accountability is taken by whoever or whatever is targeted because this is my site and there will be no deliberate misinformation or mitigating of issues, without personal accountability.  One legitimate negative comment will not be subjected to 10 false positive comments or vice-versa.  I am not anxious to populate the page, but I am also not reluctant to do so.  If you don’t wish to show up here, straighten up and fly right, as they say.

The name Schitt List, is not to be associated with the hilarious original series on Netflix known as Schitt’s Creek.  That in itself is sort of funny because there was this place we used to frequent back in the 60’s, in a very remote place in upstate New York, which we called  Schitt Creek.  We used to go there and break all kinds of laws, mostly misdemeanors.  Though I would not condone many of the things we did then, today, for that era in time, it was very relevant for the onset of The New Age, which would manifest in the 70’s.

The place became remarkably popular and I am proud to say I was one of the original founders of this micro-utopia.