Guitar Center

Congratulations, Guitar Center! You have made my Schitt List, where you shall remain forever or until your CEO, if there is such a person, contacts me and explains why whenever I shop at your store(s), I feel like your salespeople are undressing me.

I have been shopping for music gear for over 50 years.  I do my homework and in almost every situation, I know exactly what I want. I was shopping for a multitrack reel-to-reel recorder and I only had one question, regarding available accessories. 

When I approached a salesperson in the area, to ask my question, I was asked, “Are you ready to buy it?” 

I said, “Yes, but I have a question.” 

Then, he asked, “Do you have the money on you?” 

Seriously… I said, “Yes.”  He then asked me to show him the money…

That is, without a doubt, the lowest form of salesmanship I have ever experienced in any kind of retail store. I had to show him the money, before he would avail himself, of the time it takes to listen to and reply to a question.

There is never a reason to treat a potential customer that way.  This wasn’t an impulse purchase, like a 2 for 1 deal on guitar straps. 

If you ask to speak with a Manager, anybody will step up and claim to be in charge.  One guy claiming to be the Manager left me a bogus email address.  He also promised to call back and ghosted me.  If you leave a message on their corporate website, don’t expect a reply within your lifetime, because it seems they don’t check their messages or they ignore them. 

This is a culture of this store since the first time I walked in one, 40+ years ago.  I would not feel comfortable sending anyone into any of their stores, to buy anything.

It doesn’t get any worse than that, folks! They truly have earned their spot on my Schmitt List.