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Saturday Here is another one of those potpourri “What Day is it Songs.” Now we have Sunday and Saturday… We had a bit of a holiday in that we needed some maintenance. It is good stuff though…It’s all about workflow, … Continue reading

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Oh, Positive

Originally called Saturday, here is another one of those, What day is it diddys. I decided I have to become more serious about titling my works…so I am now calling it, “Oh, Positive.” Like my blood type, subject to change…

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Music and Expression

I know I stand in a small group when it comes to music, from a Player perspective.  I love the way It pushes emotions from deep inside my soul, out through the tips of my fingers.  I am not always Blue and I don’t … Continue reading

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The Great Chicago Fire

I, a witness, can tell you that cow was nowhere near that fire…. That fire was caused by inadequate fire codes.  Wooden sidewalks?  Sawdust layed in the streets to reduce the effects of dirt roads.   Seriously?  You’re trying to … Continue reading

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Meaningful Relationships for Today

We remember the bad with the good… We only forget the bad. If you want to be remembered, take something from someone that is meaningful to them. They most assuredly will remember. If you don’t want to be forgotten, leave something with them that is meaningful to you. They most assuredly, won’t forget. J.C. … Continue reading

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