Introducing…Not On My Dime

It is time to separate the crap that is clogging up my Music blog from the crap that is clogging up my life.  I apologize to all of the MMFH followers who are searching for interesting things pertaining to music and musicians, only to stumble on some crap about other crap.  It is frustrating for me to have to post it and see it also.

So, I am not going to post any more information that does not pertain to music or musicians on this blog, no matter how controversial or intimidated I feel about something.  Instead, I have started a new blog called, “Not on My Dime.” 

I will eventually move all of the stuff over there.  That is, of course, if I have the time to move old crap, what with all the new crap to write about…

About The Chazzzman

Aging is like wine, It gets better with age, but you'll likely want to put a cork in the bottle...lest it may leak.
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