Plugins Available

I have created this list, primarily not so much to impress you, as there are hundreds, or maybe even thousands, of very fine quality plugins available. This list is so that you can know what is available, should you decide to allow me to produce or master your tracks or if we collaborate on any new material. At the time of this posting, I have 997 total plugins. I am pretty sure we won’t need to use them all.

Being an Artist myself, I like to know which tools are at my disposal. I know it may not be necessary to know all the technicalities, when it comes to recording music, as there are qualified engineers that can do that for you. However, sometimes that is not an option. There are pluses and minuses, which you should consider.

There are budgets, time constraints, artistic directions, and sometimes it comes down to just plain chemistry. Much in the way music comes together is purely chemistry. You can have ideal conditions prompting creative flow and achieve nothing. Or, sometimes the whole thing comes together with very little effort, like magic… The point being, in my opinion, these technicalities are worth being aware of to whatever degree possible, without compromising your creativity. To your audience, it isn’t music until it reaches their ear and they can be tough sometimes. It really doesn’t matter if your over-budget or your masters are too much in the red, when the sound comes from the speakers, great is great and bad is bad… regardless of how it is packaged.

I myself have a very keen interest in my limitations as an artist, as I am always striving to become better. A better Player, Writer, Arranger, Engineer, Producer. I am painfully aware of my limitations. I don’t need any unnecessary obstacles to hurtle, whether they be physical, spiritual, or technical. I’m not trying to say these are factors that are always going to inhibit your creativity, because as I said sometimes things just happen but more often, than not, there will be a knob, which needs to be moved, or an acoustic adjustment needed, to make your garage sound like a concert hall, presuming of course you want it to sound like a concert hall and you don’t have access to one…

You may have a specific sound you are going for or perhaps you already know from your own experience the plugins which will work best for your material. Music is very personal. We spend much of our time and resources working to accomplish what we do, and we want it to sound the way we envisioned it to sound like.

I acquired most of these plugins because I never know what I am going to be working with. I do recognize a good tool when I see one, much the same as a musician recognizes a good instrument or effect box. I acquire it because music is always evolving and even more so, are Musicians. Even if I have no immediate need for something, I can envision having such a need in the future or maybe having the particular asset will give me a reason to go in a specific direction, which would be obstructed otherwise.

In my opinion, Jimi Hendrix would not have been the electric God that he was in the 60’s, if all he had to work with was an acoustic guitar. I’m not trying to say he would not have been a good musician, but the electric guitar and wah-wah pedal were an integral part of his work and I would presume the inspiration that propelled it.

As a Player, Engineer, & Producer, I want to be able to utilize my skills and intuition to best serve the finished product. The music.

Though I honestly feel I can work with any reasonably good quality plugins, there are several different factors which make one or another more applicable for the music I may be working with. Some plugins are more complex to work with and we don’t always need that, if the tracks are otherwise clean and recorded correctly. Other times, it just seems like one compressor or reverb works better than another, with a specific artist, genre, or instrument.

I think the main thing is that there are options, just as there are options with who you decide will produce, promote, and distribute your work. As I already mentioned, the music isn’t done until it fills the ears of your audience and there are a lot of different steps and hands that go into getting it there. You might be able to recover from a poor live performance. The sound of the music will vary from one performance to another. There are lots of variables in a live performance. More so than a studio.

A recording, record or CD if you will, is not as forgiving. Yes, there are different quality playback systems. It will not sound the same in your car as it does in your living room or on your iPod, which for a good recording is still something which needs to be dealt with, but with a bad recording??? Would you like to go out on stage knowing every performance, for the rest of your life and even after you are gone, is going to be a bad one?

I know every producer, studio, and engineer must have a list like this. Make sure you ASK FOR ONE. You should not be left to guess.

Mine may not be the biggest or the most expensive collection of resources available, but I promise you there is enough to get the job done (Mixing & Mastering, that is). Anybody who tells you otherwise, may not be trying to mislead you, but would probably not be averse to selling you something you really didn’t need.  Sadly, it is pretty much like that in everything, isn’t it?

I guess, it could just be me…I don’t know but I know I don’t feel comfortable feeling that way so, I try to learn as much as I can before trusting someone to make decisions that can make or ruin a great song.

Incidentally, I formatted this document myself. I have many unheralded skills, which come in handy. I have a degree in Electronics Technology, several certifications in Computer Technology, and of course I have a certificate in Microsoft Office software, which enables me to format tables like these!

It’s not just about twisting knobs and pushing faders. These skills are like plugins of my life. And like a good plugin, they are there when we need them, and come in handy, more often than we think. Tying your shoes is not related to working in a crowded studio, but it sure helps you keep you balance when your walking around in one.


Sysop, Mad Musicians for Hire

MIDI Plugins Direct X
Cakewalk Sonitus
   Arpeggiator Alias Factor Compressor
   Chord Analyzer Analyst Delay
   Echo Delay Classic Phaser Equalizer
   Midi Event Filter Compressor/Gate Gate
   Quantize HF Exciter Modulator
   Transpose Modfilter Multiband
   Velocity Multivoice Chorus/Flanger Phase
Para-Q Reverb
Tempo Delay Surround
Time/Pitch Stretch Surround Comp
    Wah Wah
  RGC Audio
Pentagon I
Sonar Platinum Native Pro-Channel Plug-In Modules
PC4K S-Type Channel Compressor Boz Digital Labs
PC4K S-Type Bus Compressor    Bark of Dog
PC4K Expander/Gate    Panipulator
PC76 U-Type Compressor
Concrete Limiter Softube
Tube Drive    Saturation Knob
Quad Curve EQ
CA-2A Compressor Overloud
Console Channel Emulator    Breverb 2
Console Bus Emulator    REmatrix Solo
Style Dial FX    VKFX Delay
   (Depth, Gater, Grit, Max, Pulse, Shaper, Smoother, Space)
BlueCat Audio Nomad Factory (BlueTubes)   Waves
   Chorus 4 (Mono/Stereo)    Analog Chorus CH2S-3    Mondo Mod (Mono/Stereo)
Channel Strips/Multi FX
Cakewalk IK Multimedia Nomad Factory BlueTubes
   PX-64 Percussion Strip    T-RackS British Channel    Analog TrackBox
   VX-64 Vocal Strip     
Soundspot Waves
   Nebula    AudioTrack (Mono/Stereo)
     SSL Channel (Mono/Stereo    
     SSL Channel G (Mono/Stereo)    TG12345 (Mono/Stereo)
Dynamics (Gates, Compressors, Limiters, DeEssers)
   Adaptive Limiter    CA-2A    LP Multiband
   Boost 11     Compressor/Gate    TL-64 Tube Leveler
IK Multimedia    
   TRackS Classic Multiband Limiter    
Internet Co. Ltd iZotope Native Instruments
   MSEQ Comp    Neutrino    Solid Bus Compressor
     Solid Dynamics
Nomad Factory (BlueTubes)    
   BW2S-3 BrickWall Limiter    CP2S-3 Compressor GX622-3 Expander Gate
   LM2S-3 Limiter    FA-770-3 Compressor  
Sonitus      SuperCharger GT
Waves Audio    
   API-2500 (Mono/Stereo)    C4 Comp    L1 + UltraMaximizer
   AudioTrack (Mono/Stereo)    DeEsser (Mono/Stereo)    MV2 (Mono/Stereo)
   C1 Comp (Mono/Stereo/Dual)    H-Comp (Mono/Stereo)    Puigchild 660 (Mono)
   C1 Gate (Mono/Stereo/Dual)            L1 Limiter (Mono/Stereo)    Puigchild 670 (Stereo)
Delays Distortion Reverbs
Cakewalk Nomad Factory (BlueTubes) Nomad Factory
   Tempo Delay    Valve Driver ADR2S-3    BlueVerb DRV-2080
Native Instruments BX OverLoud
   Driver    Black 2    Breverb 2 (Cakewalk Ed.)
   Replika XT    YellowDrive    REmatrix Solo (Cakewalk Ed.)
Nomad Factory (BlueTubes) IK Multimedia PSP
   OilCan Echo TLS2S-3    Amplitube 4    PianoVerb
   Tempo Delay DL3D-3    TR5 Classic Clipper
   Overloud Klanghelm    IR-L Efficient (Stereo)
   VKFX    IVGI    IR-L Full (Stereo)
IR-L (Mono)
Waves Overloud    IR-L (Mono/Stereo)
   H-Delay (Mono/Stereo/Dual)    TH3    RVerb (Mono/Stereo)
   SuperTap (2-Taps)      RVerb (Stereo)
   SuperTap (6-Taps) UnFiltered Audio    TruVerb (Mono)
   Indent    TruVerb (Stereo)
   TruVerb (Mono/Stereo)
Equalizers & Filters
BlueCat Elysia IK Multimedia
   Triple EQ (Mono/Stereo/Dual)    Niveau Filter    TR5 British Channel
       TR5 Classic EQ
BlueTubes Flux  
   BQ2S-3    Bitter Sweet v3 Overloud
   BX2S-3    GEM EQ550
   PEQ2B-3 HOFA Tone 2
   PEQ322-3    4U+ Dynamic Tilt EQ v1.0.4    BiFilter 2
Native Instruments Waves
Boz Digital Labs    Solid EQ    Q1   (1-Band Mono/Stereo)
   Bark of Dog      Q2   (2-Band Mono/Stereo)
   Bark of Dog 2 Plug-in Alliance    Q4   (4-Band Mono/Stereo)
   Bass Ranger    Q6   (6-Band Mono/Stereo)
BX    Full Ranger    Q8   (8-Band Mono/Stereo)
Cleansweep v2    Vox Ranger    Q10 (10-Band Mono/Stereo)
Modulation Pitch Shift
BlueTubes Boz Digital Labs
   APH-2S    Provacative
Waves Celemony
   Doubler 2 (Mono/Stereo/Dual)    Melodyne Editor 4 (VST & Integrated)
   Doubler 4 (Mono/Stereo/Dual)
   Enigma (Mono/Stereo)
   Mondo Mod (Mono/Stereo)
   Reel ADT (Mono)
   Reel ADT (Mono/Stereo)
   Reel ADT (Stereo)
   Reel ADT Live (Mono)
   Reel ADT Live (Stereo)
   Reel ADT Live (Mono/Stereo)
   Reel ADT2V (Mono)
   Reel ADT2V (Stereo)
   Reel ADT2V Live (Mono/Stereo)
   Reel ADT2V Live (Stereo)
Software Instruments
4Front Technologies AIR Music Technology Applied Acoustic Systems
   True Pianos (Cakewalk Ed.)    Hybrid    Lounge Lizard IV (Sonar Ed.v4.1)
   XPand!2    Strum Session 2 (Sonar Ed. v2.1)
   Analog Lab 3    DX7 V    Prophet V3
   Arp 2600 v3    Farfisa V    SEM V2
   B-3V    Jup-8 v3    Solina V2
   Buchla Easel V    Matrix-12 v2    Stage-73V
   Clavinet V    Mini V3    Synclavier V
   CMI V    Modular V3    Wurli V2
   CS-80 v3    Piano V2
   Cakewalk Sound Center    RGC Audio SFZ    Z3TA+
   Cyclone    RGC Audio Square    Z3TA+2
   Dimension Pro    Roland Groove Synth    SI Bass Guitar I
   Drop Zone    RXP    SI Drum Kit
   PSYN II    Session Drummer III    SI Electric Piano
   Rapture Pro    SI String Section
Camel Audio Full Bucket Music IK Multimedia
   Alchemy    FB-3100    Sampletank 3
Native Instruments
   Absynth 5    FM8    Massive
   Battery 4    Komplete Kontrol    Reaktor 6
   Kontakt 5 w/ Libraries
        Abbey Road 60s Drummer      DrumLab      DrumMic’a
        Factory Library      India      Kinetic Metal
        Retro Machines MK2      Scarbee Classic EP-88s      Scarbee MM-Bass
        Scarbee Vintage Keys      Session Guitarist Strummed Acoustic      Session Horns
        Session Strings      Studio Drummer      The Gentleman
      The Giant      The Grandeur      The Maverick
      Una Corda      Vintage Organs      West Africa
Istvan Kaldor Korg KV331 Audio
   Dirtbag 1    M1    Synthmaster 2.8 Player
Plogue Art et Technologie u-he Uberschall
   sforzando    Tyrell N6    Elastik 2
Volko Audio Waves Audio XLN Audio
   Darbuka-Nut    Electric 200    Addictive Drums 2
   Electric Grand 80    Addictive Keys
   Grand Rhapsody
Guitar & Bass Amplifier Emulators & FX
Ignite Amps
   Anvil    PTEQ-Ia    TS-999
   NadIR    SHB-1    TSB-1
   NRR-I    TPA-I
Native Instruments
   Guitar Rig 5
   GTR Amp (Mono/Stereo/Dual)    
   GTR Amp 2 Mono    
   GTR Stomp 2, 4, 6 (Mono/Stereo)    
Misc FX, Tools, Analyzers
Boz Digital Labs
   Pan Knob Spatial
   Width Knob Spatial
   4U Goniometer & Korrelator
   BX Optopedal
   BX Solo Stereo Width Imager
   Channel Tool
   Drum Replacer (Integrated in DAW)
   Neutrino Enhancers for Drums, Bass, Vocals, & Inst.
Native Instruments  
   Transient Master  
Nomad Factory  
   BlueTubes ST-2S Stereo Imager
   Doppler Doppler Effect
   eMO Generator (Mono/Stereo) Signal Generator (Sine, White/Pink Noise)
   MaxxBass (Mono/Stereo) Harmonic Enhancer for Bass
    Metaflanger (Mono/Mono-Stereo)
   PAZ Psychoacoustic Analyzer
   PS22 (Mono/Stereo/Split Stereo) Pseudostereo Imager
   S1 Stereo Imager
   S1 Stereo Shuffler
   StudioRack (Mono/Stereo/Dual)
   Vitamin (Mono) Multiband Harmonic Enhancer
   Vitamin (Stereo) Multiband Harmonic Enhancer
   VU Meters