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Best Seat in the House

Behind the Sound, Video, and Lighting Crew at the Australian Pink Floyd show… Fox Theatre, Tucson, AZ

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The Song Doesn’t Always Remain the Same

That Oberheim DX sounds pretty good! I’m sort of sorry I sold it but it was a tank!!! It originally cost me like $ 1,100.00 in the early 80s (when it was new, not counting the Sync-to-Midi modification I had … Continue reading

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Pearly Gates

The unique thing about Pearly Gates is the workflow with which it was conceived. It has been a long time since I have used a hardware sequencer. In general, they just don’t stack up against the modern computer. Processing power, … Continue reading

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Smooth as Silk

There are times when as an Artist things go, as smooth as silk.  Such is the case when I composed “Etude para Usted.” Besides, in my biased opinion, being a very pretty composition, the thing I find to be the … Continue reading

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Sunday, PT II

Just to clarify, this day of the week approach I only use when I am stuck between a rock and a hard place.  If you’ve got something going, by all means continue and don’t move on just because it is … Continue reading

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