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Propellerhead Unveils Rack Extension

04.11.2012  Stockholm, Sweden (April 11, 2012)—Propellerhead has unveiled Rack Extension, a new technology that reportedly opens up the Reason rack, enabling third-party developers to create instruments and effects for music-making software. Through this technology—built into the next version of Reason … Continue reading

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MINIMOOG VOYAGER XL – (One can dream, can’t they?)

by Ken Hughes Moog Voyager XL If throwing down five large to grace your studio—or live rig, you nutter—with the most bitchin’ lead synth on the planet isn’t something that requires careful budgeting and diplomatic family discussion, why are you … Continue reading

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It’s Britney’s Bitchin’ Synth Rigs

Whether you love her music or not, many of the pop princess’ songs are marvels of multi-layered synth production. On the 2011 Femme Fatale tour, her entire band consists of two keyboardists: Marc Delcore and musical director Simon Ellis. We … Continue reading

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Guy Berryman Goes Chandler

London, U.K. (April 25, 2011)–Coldplay bassist Guy Berryman recently built his own private studio and included a number of Chandler Limited pieces.   (Click here to read more…..)

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New Nord Electro 3HP Goes Hammer-Action

Introducing the world’s first Nord Electro with Hammer Action, sporting a classic 73-key E-E range keybed – without sacrificing portability (only 11 kg / 24.25lbs) (Click here to read more….)  

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