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Aging is like wine, It gets better with age, but you'll likely want to put a cork in the bottle...lest it may leak.

Hell’s Kichen

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This doesn’t really pertain to Music…or maybe it does! Continue reading

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The Song Doesn’t Always Remain the Same

That Oberheim DX sounds pretty good! I’m sort of sorry I sold it but it was a tank!!! It originally cost me like $ 1,100.00 in the early 80s (when it was new, not counting the Sync-to-Midi modification I had … Continue reading

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Sorry I Missed You

Hooray! The Internet is working again… It took a trip to the ***** Store to get it working. I won’t mention names, at this time, but it really doesn’t matter. When it comes to Customer Service, it’s like they’re all … Continue reading

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Time to Spare

Hello, It’s been a while.  I have had some internet connection issues…As per my theme and the Mad Musicians for Hire mission, “It’s about the Music,” an executive decision was made to refrain from posting on this web site until … Continue reading

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