Sorry I Missed You

Hooray! The Internet is working again… It took a trip to the ***** Store to get it working. I won’t mention names, at this time, but it really doesn’t matter. When it comes to Customer Service, it’s like they’re all racing to be the first at the bottom.

Funny, how that goes…After complaining, it started working, even though nobody came out to fix it… Must’ve been sun-spots or maybe rats ate the distribution cables.

Now, about that gift card I was promised, that I still haven’t received. Not good for a company that’s supposed to be synonymous with Hi-speed Communications.

So, I guess now I’ll have to share my thoughts, more regularly! So, beware! You could be next on the list, if you mess with this Sysop!

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Aging is like wine, It gets better with age, but you'll likely want to put a cork in the bottle...lest it may leak.
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