Upright and Grand

I posted a second mix of the piece I am currently calling Pretty Song/Gentlenss.  The difference??? I used a Grand Piano plugin as opposed to the Upright Piano.

For those who aren’t piano savvy, an Upright piano is generally suited for smaller rooms, in which they are placed with its back against the wall.  The sound comes from the rear of the piano and the wall acts as an extension of the piano’s soundboard.  This extends the volume, as well.  The strings are placed vertically in an upright and on a real nice one, the sound will improve with age…

A Grand Piano by design, is capable of housing longer strings, which adds a richness to the timbre that an upright doesn’t have.  Using the lid on the Grand helps to direct the sound to the desired spot, depending on where it is placed in the room.

Grand pianos obviously require more floor space than an upright but are usually suited for large rooms or stages.  They are considerably more expensive than uprights and many players prefer the action better.  Since the keys are longer, the leverage is better….


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