Sunday, PT II

Just to clarify, this day of the week approach I only use when I am stuck between a rock and a hard place.  If you’ve got something going, by all means continue and don’t move on just because it is not Wednesday!!!  There is nothing more satisfying when a project flows smoothly from start to finish….

So, on that note, I dug deeper into this piece and decided the original ending was a bit, or maybe very, sloppy.  I think it is because when things aren’t filling in exactly as planned, I sort of have a tendency to just want to get it finished, which of course, is not the way to publish any work of art….

So, instead of the original fade-out ending, I would try and resolve the ending into something more conclusive.  To do that, I extended the piece to make room for an Outro of some sort.  Two weeks, between mixes and I still don’t feel 100% good about it but it’s getting closer…

A wise man once said, “A mix is never finished.  It is just settled for.”  Or maybe that was in a fortune cookie….

So, here then, is an alternate ending, if you will, of both versions…

E. Piano in Intro

No E. Piano in Intro



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