In my last post, I spoke about my approach to getting out of a rut.  This is an example of a project I began and ran out of steam before finishing.  I am still uncertain that it is in fact finished but this is the 2nd time I have gone into it and came out still not sure, so I suspect I will be revisiting this track again sometime in the future.

In the first take, I created this Intro that sort of sounded like Steely Dan (Or, at least in my head!!!)  Then I couldn’t seem to coax it along, probably because I am not Donald Fagen, so I shelved it.

When I returned to the project, I decided to remove the Electric Piano from the Intro and I kind of liked hearing the Cajon and some of the other percussive instruments in the Intro.  I still haven’t made up my mind whether to use the Piano in the Intro…  The result being I have (2) rough mixes (One with the EP in the intro and the other, the same track without the EP in the intro).

Maybe you can help me decide….

Don’t forget to V-O-T-E !!!

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