I’ll Name it Later

I have decided that for every new original song I post I will add a bit of a by-line to it, as many of the concepts I have come up with, usually have an interesting story behind them.

In this latest “More  Chazzzman” post entitled “I’ll Name it Later,” I see it as either being something from the 60’s or Contemporary Country, depending on how the lyrics turn out…  This song is crying out for vocals…  I may do them myself.   Though I have run across some talented vocalists, I’ve yet to find one that can be talented AND imaginative.  I guess you can say that about my music but…it’s my song so I can do that…

And while I’m on the subject, I am now open to interviewing for “La-La girls,” if you think you fit the role, send a message to the Sysop.  Creativity isn’t as important, though it is still desired.  Being able to carry a pitch and harmonize is required….  We’ll see…If we go 60’s, I hear la-la’s but if it goes Country, maybe not so much…

Or, if the pool doesn’t seem to get any deeper than it is now, I’ll just leave it as it is and use it as another part of a movie soundtrack.  There’s always room for another feel-good number…

Ironically, as far as an interesting story goes, this song doesn’t really have one.  It was mostly inspired by the Wurlitzer, the popular piano of many bands of the 60’s, which I guess is why I’m thinking it sounds like it belongs there.  That and the organ, which Sounds like something The Animals and others, may have used once or twice.

I recorded the Drums and Bass in mono to give it a more retro sound…The horns, piano, and organ were actually summed thru a 35 year old analog board, which is a classic in its own right.  The drums, bass, and the rest were placed on a bus featuring a classic console emulator plug-in…the one the Beatles used to record Abbey Roads with…The console, not the emulator….

Honestly, I’m more of a believer of music being timeless, since I believe with the right vocalist, the music can be or can be adapted to be, made to fall in a multitude of genres…

Until the deal is sealed, I like to keep my options open…that’s what options are!!!!

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