At the Apollo w/BMI and My Latin Producer Brethren

How I Wrote That Song presented by BMI and The Legendary Apollo Theater, NYC –         April 4, 2017

There is always something to learn…  Regardless of the genre, listening to other people talk about how they approach their art is always inspiring… It doesn’t hurt that they are award winners and up and coming personalities in the Entertainment Industry.  Or, that the mediator is a hot, up and coming Puerto Rican singer, actress, and dancer, who has worked with A-Grade talent.  Really, anyone involved in creating and producing music has something to say, which will be of benefit to someone else.  This all took place at the How I Wrote That Song, Career Development workshop on April 4, 2014/

Personally, I would say I’m 50/50 when it comes to text book learning and hands-on experience.  The reason these things help me so much is because they are always inspiring, which is the fuel I need to keep churning.  If I start to burn out on books and articles, I lean more towards the hands-on aspect and vice-verse.  For me, that works better than pounding it into the dirt. 

Thanks to BMI for the meet-up and to all those that participated, including the local New Yorkers, who were in attendance.

Thank you to the Apollo Theater and the staff there for giving me a tour of this wonderful, historic, place.

A special thanks to:  24 Horas, El Dusty, A&X’s Xtassy, David Escobar, and Pinto “Wahin”, and Ana Isabelle.
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