Fed Up being Fed On

What makes music so special? It is special because it is a work of art. Art is special because it is the work of an artist, that can be interpreted and enjoyed by other artists and also by those who are not artists.

That is what Baked Alaska, Sushi, Chicken Cordon Bleu, Stuffed Mushrooms, Chile Colorado, and Pop Tarts is to food. That is what Dom Perignon, Chivas Regal, Fresh-squeezed lemonade, Coca Cola (The Original), and Yuban Coffee is to Drink.

So where am I taking you with this? Well, you probably won’t believe it until you get there, but much as the specific food and drinks mentioned above, is to the general idea of food and drinks, so is the music and rhythms of specific genres, is to the general idea of music and rhythms. Those specific brands of food and drinks are genres.  (Read More…)

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Aging is like wine, It gets better with age, but you'll likely want to put a cork in the bottle...lest it may leak.
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