Election Year, 2012

by Ivhad Enoff, Staff Writer, Mad Musicians for Hire

…and to the politician that favored making it a felony for not having a phone…You have proven yourself to be even dumber than I originally suspected.  You don’t need to leave a trail for those who follow.  They will not be fulfilling your legacy.  As a matter of fact, the idea of even having a legacy is ridiculous and a legacy in and of itself.  We can smell you from here.  You are either busy blaming your predecessor for things that concern us today, or planning an alibi for things that will concern us tomorrow.  You base your decisions and your action plans on the premise that the person who takes your place, will inevitably fail.  After all, for him/her to be successful, would imply that you were somewhat successful and we both know that isn’t possible on account of the guy before you has screwed it up so bad.  You are either wrapped up in yesteryear or lost in your vision for tomorrow.  The last thing you want to do is try to figure out how you can make things better for us today.

…and to the newspaper that keeps telling us how most people think or who most people favor…. I have never been asked, even once in my life, about any of the things you talk about.  I suspect that is the only thing true with most people.  Stop spraying us with your personal opinions.  Is it normal to bleed after you’ve been poled?  It’s not like we really believe you make all that money selling newspapers.

So, happy November… It isn’t as though we have a real choice, right?

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