Delivering the Message

To My Fellow Musical Brethren,

I speak to you out of love and respect for what you do.  I speak out of admiration and with empathy for the many hours of work you have invested in delivering your song to the audiences that you have entertained, often with little or no monetary compensation.  Suffice to say however, in the age of musicians past, present, and future, this is not a new phenomenon nor is it carved in stone or etched in black and white.  Audiences are rarely predictable and loyalty is reserved for only the greatest of fans.  Then there are all those many non-musical variables that come into play…Mother Nature, Lady Luck, the Mrs., and the kids, and you might find yourself wondering how you have managed to succeed in waking up in the morning, let alone completing the sonata you have been engrossed in for the past 11 years.  (Click here to Read More….)

About The Chazzzman

Aging is like wine, It gets better with age, but you'll likely want to put a cork in the bottle...lest it may leak.
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