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Guy Berryman Goes Chandler

London, U.K. (April 25, 2011)–Coldplay bassist Guy Berryman recently built his own private studio and included a number of Chandler Limited pieces.   (Click here to read more…..)

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When There’s No Such Thing as Too Much Information

A Massachussetts Institute of Technology study has shown that companies that actually use data in their decision-making process as opposed to just collecting information, see substantial efficiency improvements, which cannot be explained by other factors.  The research, performed at the M.I.T. Sloan school … Continue reading

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Go Funk Yourself !!!

Loops for a friend…..

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Roland Expands V-Mixing System Lineup

Roland Systems Group has expanded its V-Mixing System lineup by introducing the new R-1000 48-track recorder/player and M-480 digital mixing console. The R-1000  (Click Here to Learn More….) The R-1000 48-track recorder/player. The R-1000 is a stand-alone, dedicated recorder/player designed … Continue reading

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Mastering Matters – Understand Your Mix’s Essential Final Step

By Ken Micallef They’re mysterious, they’re straightforward. Their work is ubiquitous, but their credit is overdue. Their job comes after recording and mixing, but they’re often expected to fix past mistakes. Their gear is esoteric, and though their exact role … Continue reading

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