6 Artists That Define the Role of Keyboards in Today’s Hardest Rock

Here’s the view we’re up against: The heavier the rock, the less business keyboards have anywhere near it. When metal and ivory share musical and cultural space, it mutates the DNA of both, spawning abominations such as prog with Dungeons and Dragons derived lyrics, or worse, Van Halen’s “Jump,” which to this day is the music-store keyboard department’s equivalent of “No ‘Stairway’!” Better to keep to a doctrine of rocking out in separate but equal realms, with Jerry Lee Lewis as the patron saint of one; of the other, Dimebag Darrell.

Of course this is nonsense. Often, we look to history for backup, citing that Steppenwolf’s Hammond organ-grinder “Born To Be Wild” claims the first use of “heavy metal” in song lyrics, or that Jon Lord or Brian Auger could disturb the peace as severely as anyone with a Marshall stack. What about today? Where are the current keyboardists who are integral to cutting-edge bands that rock too hard for anybody’s parents?

Look no further. They’re in here. (Click here to Learn more ….)

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