Technology – Everyone Loves to Hate It… or is it They Hate to Love it?

The current world population is approximately 6,870,500,000.  That is every man, woman, and child.  It is estimated that in around 2012, perhaps sooner, we will have depleted the 4,000,000,000 IP (Internet Protocol) addresses available using the current IPv4 system.  To clarify, every computer, smart phone, Set Top box, Wi-Fi positioning system, or any other device that connects to the internet needs (1) IP address.

Thanks to technology, the IPv6 system can provide an astonishing 340,282,366,920,938,463,463,374,607,431,768,211,456 (I’m not making this
up) addresses, using 128 bit technology.  That is a mind blowing
665,570,793,348,866,943,898,599 addresses per square meter of the surface of the planet.  I’m not sure if that is including the oceans but that is a whole heap of Googl-ing, ya think?

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